A Personal Note…

You may notice in reading my blog that a lot of my recipes are made with meatless beef crumbles. I wanted to state for the record that my diet isn’t limited to just meat substitutes! There are a couple of reasons why I’m posting a bunch of recipes that feature this product. First of  all, my recent discovery of Beyond Meat products has inspired me to experiment with different dishes that I used to really enjoy that were made with meat. I haven’t been able to cook using meatless crumbles in years, because all the other brands available contained gluten, soy and GMOs.  I have a sensitivity to processed soy, so I’m only able to consume very limited doses of the stuff. Also, cutting gluten out of my diet has greatly improved my health, both mentally and physically. The chicken substitutes from Beyond Meat are very good, but they do contain unprocessed soy so I haven’t really delved into that area much.

The point of this blog is to provide cheap, easy dishes that fit into your daily lifestyle without a lot of planning or hassle. Eventually I will be posting more healthy fruit and vegetable recipes, including smoothies, salads, nut milks, side dishes and the like. Thanks for reading my blog, and being patient as this blog develops! 🙂

Also, with Thanksgiving approaching, (my very favorite holiday!), I’ll be posting some recipe ideas for that. I’m looking into an organic, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian and/or vegan substitute roast substitute for turkey, so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to comment!



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