Nutribullet Fun!

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new. Hope everyone out there had a fabulous holiday. 🙂

So… I got a nutribullet pro for Christmas. How fabulous life is now!! It’s easy to clean, takes up hardly any room on the counter and is powerful enough to liquify just about anything… so far. Aside from smoothies, I’ve also been experimenting with raw, chilled soups, which easily combine a healthy eating regimen with an active, on – the- go lifestyle. THis recipe is ridiculously simple, and has a mega dose of all the good things your body so enjoys, and the wonderful healing properties of tumeric. I especially enjoy this for  lunch, as I don’t really eat breakfast. It’s perfect for after yoga, when my body wants to cool down but I’m wanting to get a good dose of protein and iron-rich greens. Also, it’s ridiculously filling as well as delicious. Enjoy!

Chilled Avocado soup: (serves 2)

1 handful organic raw cashews

2 handfuls of kale slaw, (shredded kale, carrots and onion – I get the organic seasonal slaw mix at whole foods)

1 small organic avocado

filtered water

1 tsp tumeric

1 slice fresh ginger

juice of 1/2 lime

liquid coconut aminos to taste

salt, pepper to taste


Layer cashews, avocado and greens in nutribullet (in that order). If you are using a blender, or vitamix, the order doesn’t matter, but layer it so that the heavy stuff is on top. Add water and seasonings, (water should just be enough to barely cover the greens) and blend until smooth. If you want it a little on the warm size, blend a little longer. Garnish and serve.





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