Chia and Baobab Antioxidant Smoothie

If you  haven’t tried Baobab powder yet,  you really should.  The benefits are nearly instantaneous and amazing. After just one week, wrinkles fade, nails grow stronger and the skin literally softens, glows and retains moisture beautifully. Also, I’m a little late to the chia seed party, but I am so glad I came. Chia seeds provide protein, omega-3’s, fiber and calcium, truly a vegan dream come true. Add in some juice, berries, fruits and greens and you’ve got a super dose of vitimans, minerals and antioxidants that will give you plenty of energy for your workout and keep you feeling great all day. Feel free to improvise according to your personal tastes, but i do recommend using the berries for antioxidant properties and the banana for potassium.


1/4 cup frozen organic triple berry blend (blackberry, blueberry and strawberry)

3/4 cup frozen wawona organic daybreak blend (peaches, pineapple, strawberry, mango)

1 cup fresh organic baby spinach, (loosely packed)

2 tbsp organic chia seeds

1/3 cup  organic baobab powder

1 organic banana

Fill to cover ingredients with Sambazon acai berry juice (original)


Probiotic capsule

Liquid vitiman d3 complex if there is a distinct lack of sunlight  in your life. (I live in Humboldt county these days, and have barely seen the sun in months!)

I use my trusty nutribullet to blend it up. Serves 1 as a whole meal or 2 as a supplement to a healthy breakfast.

Here’s  a few links to tell how how great all this stuff is for you:

Health benefits of Baobab powder:

Health benefits of chia seeds:

Why acai is amazing:

Why potassium is important:

Reasons I like baby spinach:

Prevent cancer and slow  the signs of aging with berries:


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